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Upcoming Meeting: Explore Australia

Saturday, April 26th at Dennis Public Library at 10 AM.


David Clapp, former Audubon sanctuary director, world traveler, college professor, and ecotourism guide will take us on a tour of Australia with amazing pictures and narration.


If you have a hearing problem, you would not normally go to a program like this, but we will have live captioning of the program by CART, computer assisted realtime transmission, by a trained CART reporter.  The library's assistive sound system works with your hearing aid telecoil or a supplied receiver to bring the words right into your ear.


Explore the legendary Great Barrier Reef, see the amazing wildlife and birds, climb the glaciers, visit the desert -- and enjoy every word without straining to hear.


 Dennis Public Library, 5 Hall Street, Dennisport. 

Meeting begins at 10 am. 

Come earlier for coffee and conversation.

Picture of Beethoven in middle age. Beethoven continued to compose as his hearing worsened.

"I am compelled to live as an exile.  If I approach near to people, a feeling of hot anxiety comes over me lest my condition should be noticed."


(Ludwig van Beethoven, 1802 letter to his brothers, from Mayo Clinic's On   Better Hearing and Balance, page 13.)



Are you still trying to fake it?  Find yourself "head bobbing?"

Come to our meetings and find out why hearing loss is NOT a disability--it's a communication problem!


We are one of 6 New England chapters of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Hearing Loss Association Cape Cod serves people with hearing loss, their friends and families, in Southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod and the Islands.  All meetings are free and open to the public. 

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