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Greys Beach Picnic for Members and Guests--August 29th

Grey's Beach Boardwalk Grey's Beach Boardwalk

Pack up your picnic basket for a day of fun at Grey's Beach in YarmouthPort.  We have reserved the picnic shelter.  There are grills, a playground, bathrooms, beach and a nice over the water.

Bring games, activities or food to share if you want.  It's all FREE! A great opportunity to talk to fellow members and have some fun. 


Grey's Beach is off Route 6A in Yarmouth Port, and there is free parking.

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There is strength in numbers!  When we advocate for people with hearing loss, and try to get assistive devices into public buildings, what do you think would happen if we said we have 300 members?  Do you think we would be taken more seriously?  Do you think our group would get more respect?  We do.  If you want less frustration in your daily dealings with other people-- in a hospital, in a movie theater, in a house of worship, then please do not sit by and wait for someone else to do something. 



Come to our meetings.  Volunteer.  Speak up.

2015 Hearing Loss Association Cape Cod Membership Form
HLAACC membership form and 2015 calendar
2015 membership form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [126.5 KB]
Picture of Beethoven in middle age. Beethoven continued to compose as his hearing worsened.

"I am compelled to live as an exile.  If I approach near to people, a feeling of hot anxiety comes over me lest my condition should be noticed."


(Ludwig van Beethoven, 1802 letter to his brothers, from Mayo Clinic's On   Better Hearing and Balance, page 13.)



Are you still trying to fake it?  Find yourself "head bobbing?"

Come to our meetings and find out why hearing loss is NOT a disability--it's a communication problem!


We are one of 6 New England chapters of the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Hearing Loss Association Cape Cod serves people with hearing loss, their friends and families, in Southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod and the Islands.  All meetings are free and open to the public. 


Our group is run by volunteers and we invite you to join us.  Membership is only $10 a year.  There are many activities you can help with--from baking for the coffee table to advocating for accessibility at your neighborhood theater and everything in between.


There are three ways we make our meetings accessible to people with hearing loss.

  • Our meetings are transcribed with CART, computer assisted real time transmission.  You can READ what people are saying on a screen. 
  • Also, the meeting room has an induction loop in the ceiling which works invisibly with the telecoil in your hearing aid to bring the sound directly to your ears.
  • If you do not have a hearing aid, you can use our receivers and headphones to amplify the sound from the microphones. 


You don't have to strain to hear every word!

We appreciate the support of our sponsors.  We are a nonprofit and do not give endorsements.  We encourage your exploration of options.