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Meet Frances Buehler, former Board Member


I lost my hearing when I was 33 years old.  I had the flu and woke up one morning deaf.  The doctor said my hearing would come back when I got rid of the flu.  It didn't.  Hearing aids didn't help me and I couldn't hear anything.  I had three young children to raise.  My husband left.  I wouldn't let him help me.


A friend told me Fishmonger's Cafe in Woods Hole needed a bake so I went and applied for the job.  I made pies, cakes, cookies and bread and everyone loved them.  Here was something I could do and be deaf.  The woman who owned the restaurant didn't want to do it anymore so I decided to buy her business.  I got a lawyer and a lease on the building and the business was mine.


My employees helped me and my kids went to the Woods Hole School. But my landlord was horrible and wouldn't fix the building. 


Several years later, Alda, who had a restaurant across the street decided she didn't want to run a restaurant and offered me her building.  More lawyers.  More money.  And I bought the building across the street.


More good news, I got a cochlear implant and I could hear again.  It was hard after 15 years of deafness.  I joined a cochlear implant support group and learned to share my story.  Other people are deaf too.


My children saved me.  I had to cope so I could take care of them.  They are fine now.  I have three children and three grandchildren.


I sold my restaurant a few years ago.  I am too old to do the work.


But I will always need help with deafness and that's why I joined HLAA--good friends here and there is always something new about help for the deaf and hard of hearing and HLAA finds it.


Instead of wishing things were different for people with hearing loss on the Cape and Islands, join us and let your voice be heard.  Please volunteer, join a committee or join the Board of Directors.  You are needed and you can make a difference on Cape Cod for people with hearing loss.


Come to the meetings for education, outreach, support and fun.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Every meeting has some hearing assistance, like CART, so you won't strain to hear and leave frustrated.  All our meetings are free and open to the public.  We meet at the Dennis Public Library in Dennisport.


The Hearing Loss Association of America Cape Cod is almost 20 years old and began as a chapter of SHHH, Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, founded by the late Rocky Stone. Now renamed the Hearing Loss Association of America, and stronger than ever, there are over 200 chapters across the United States. Over a dozen states have state chapters as well.   Cape Cod Chapter is a a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, just like our parent group.  For more information on the Hearing Loss Association of America, and a great deal of information on dealing with hearing loss, please visit www.hearingloss.org. Individual memberships for HLAA are $35 and include a subscription to the excellent magazine, Hearing Loss, an annual convention, and much support and advocacy.


PLEASE JOIN Cape Cod Chapter!  Our 2016 Chapter dues are still only $10 per year and help pay for the newsletter and our various activities and meetings.  You may join at a meeting, mail membership, or contact support@hearinglosscapecod.org


Another option is Lifetime membership, which is $100, and tax deductible.   Pay at the next meeting or send your check made out to Hearing Loss Association of America - Cape Cod to 

Marita Cable

Treasurer, HLAACC

PO Box 502

Yarmouth Port, MA  02675


Include name, address, phone number and email.  Tell us what you are interested in.  Would you like to join a committee such as the Social Committee, the Advocacy Committee, Loop Committee,  or the Publicity Committee

Additional donations are gratefully received.  We thank Betty Lynch for her generous donation.


Lifetime Members:  Bill McCormick

                             Sherwood Young


If you would like to advertise on our website, our rates are very reasonable at $75 a year.  Please send a check made out to Hearing Loss Association of America - Cape Cod with a business card, and any information you would like to provide so that we can publicize your support.  Send checks to the treasurer at the above address.  Thank you for your support.  We cannot provide CART at every meeting without some financial help!


Please feel free to contact us with questions.  Remember, everyone is welcome to come to our meetings. You do not need to be a member to attend.


We meet at Dennis Public Library in Dennisport. Directions are on the website–www.dennispubliclibrary.org


All meetings at the Library have CART– computer assisted real time translation- of the meeting and the meeting room has an induction loop which works with your hearing aid telecoil or a use receiver supplied by the library.  You will not strain to hear what is being said.

2015 Hearing Loss Association Cape Cod Membership Form and 2015 calendar
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