Cape Cinema's  Open Captioning Problem


Cape Cinema on Route 6A in Dennis had plans this spring to show English-language films with open captioning.  Cape Cinema is known among movie goers with hearing loss for its excellent international, subtitled movies and we were thrilled that we would have a chance to see some good first run English-language movies and not have to wait for the dvd.  


But theater owner Eric Hart ran into problems obtaining open captioned versions of new English language films. He said, "The problem I am having is that the independent small English language pictures do not have the open caption option so it is impossible to put these movies on a schedule. I am going to begin this program again this fall. So stay tuned."


That's good news.  Please let Eric know if you are interested in this option. How else can a theater owner or movie producer know the demand is there?

Contact the theater at


phone: 508-385-2503

Captioned Movies in Hyannis with Captioning Glasses

The Regal Theater at the Mall in Hyannis now has glasses patrons can borrow which show captions.  Watch a movie and see the captions at the same time. Coming soon-- 3D captioned glasses.   Also, descriptive video for sight impaired patrons.  Look at to see the upcoming schedule. 

Call the Regal in Hyannis for more information --508-771-7872

First Movie in Twenty Years!

Dreamland is a new theater on Nantucket, and Penny Snow is very happy with the captioning feature.  She wrote the following to Dreamland Manager Melissa Murphy and sent us and Facilitator Brenda McDonough of the Nantucket Commission on Disability a copy.  A great example of advocating for what you want.



Dear Melissa,

I can't tell you what a thrilling experience I had yesterday at my first "big screen" movie at the Dreamland captioned matinee. This was a first theater experience in over twenty years since losing my left ear to sudden hearing loss. (Also my right ear is failing but helped with an inadequate hearing aid.) The movie, Sapphires, was fabulous too. But just being in a movie theater where I could watch and know the whole story with captions was like a first time movie experience all over again for me. I couldn't think about anything else for several hours afterwards. I called it "Happy movie hangover". This sounds silly but everything was so big and right there so close in front of me!! It was powerful.

I have been telling everybody about this good news of captioned Wednesday matinees at our new Dreamland, especially at Salt Marsh Senior Center. I hope Laura will put it in our monthly Gazette.So many elderly don't even think going to the movies is an option anymore, given one out of three over 60 are hearing impaired statistically. These are the baby boomers and 40% of the population. Very likely two out of three over 70 can't hear well anymore either.(Two members of my Sr. Center exercise class were there yesterday too.)

I will also notify The Cape Cod Chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America where I have been a member for many years. They advertise the Cape Cod theaters in their monthly newsletter that show captioned films and when. I told them I was an advocate for the hearing impaired and working on public venues on Nantucket so they will be thrilled.

I am a member of the Disability Commission here on Nantucket. Commissioners are so appreciative of Dreamland's efforts on behalf of the hearing impaired as well as other disabilities. Thank you!

I spoke to Marianne Stanton, Editor of the Inquirer and Mirror yesterday offering to help with the newspaper article and wanting to spread the word. I thanked her so much for doing an article and a writer will be calling me, she said,

Thank you also Melissa for keeping me in the loop on how this is working out. I'm pulling for continued increased attendance. It will take time for the word to spread as well as educating seniors and the hearing impaired that movies in the "big" theater can still be an option again.You can be sure I will be talking about it. Sunny summer won't be as good as some of our dark winter days but I hope Dreamland will hang in there. You might correspond with the Cape theaters to see how they are doing and a possible pattern of attendance. I can get the names from our next newsletter if you would like.

Thank you, thank you Dreamland and Melissa.


         Penny Snow

Nantucket Dreamland Theater