Hearing Ear Dogs

Hearing Dogs at HLAA Convention in Providence, 2012 Some of the hearing dogs at the Providence 2012 Convention

Some of the organizations that provide dogs or help train your own dog:


NEADS     www.neads.org    Princeton, MA    978-422-9064

Canine Assistants    www.canineassistants.org    Georgia. 2 wk training camp. free dogs; long waiting list

Canine Companions for Independence www.cci.org    Medford, NY.   800-572-BARK

Dogs for the Deaf     dogsforthedeaf.org     Oregon



owner trained hearing dogs 

Golden Ears Hearing Dogs    goldenearsdogs.org     Tacoma WA


Top Dog    topdogusa.org    Tucson, Az

Delta Society    deltasociety.org    Seattle, WA and local trainers


more: northeastcenter.com/links_service_dogs.htm


Experience with Hearing Dogs

    Cheryl Heppner, of Virginia, is one of the many National members who have hearing dogs.  See our reference table at the next meeting for a copy of her article in Hearing Loss Magazine.



Karen Pryor     clickertraining.com    positive reinforcement.


Books and Videos

Dogs Learning Center    www.dogslearningcenter.com    clicker training and positive reinforcement.    Hudson MA

Hearing Dog Training Standards from Assistance Dogs International   

      "Standards for training Hearing Ear Dogs"